Scissor Lift

May 27, 2021

How do scissor lift platforms work?

Scissor-type lifting platforms base their operation on a scissor-type lifting mechanism, which open and close in sections that resemble scissors.

A hydraulic lifting system is responsible for providing the necessary power to raise or lower the platform in a smooth and controlled manner.

scissor lift safety

When the operator raises the platform, the hydraulic pump pushes fluid through the cylinders that run through the mechanism, causing the piston to move and the platform to rise.

If a stop is made, the platform does not descend, because a valve prevents the fluid from returning. In this way, the platform is kept at the desired height.

When the operator lowers the platform, the safety valve opens. Gravity and the weight of the platform itself make the piston push the fluid.

This fluid returns to the storage tank, causing the scissor mechanism to close.

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