Overhead Electric Utilities Near Me Kit

Overhead Electrical Utilities Training Kit


       How does the training kit work?

How does the training kit work?
1. Have an employee use the kit’s main PowerPoint presentation to instruct the trainees. (any person you, the employer, deems competent may conduct this).
2. Distribute the written exam to each trainee individually. Gather the completed exams and use the included answer key to grade them.(We use a passing grade of 80% as a guideline, but as the employer you are free to adjust it however you like.)
3. Administer the practical exam to each trainee. (We suggest correcting any mistakes and having the trainee initial the edit on the practical exam sheet.)
4. Use the included template to print certificates and wallet cards for those who passed. Note the expiration date and be sure to re-train and re-certify before then. Additional Information

  • 100% OSHA-Compliant
  • Reusable & Customizable
  • Train Unlimited Trainees
  • Printable Overhead Electrical Utilities Certification & Wallet Card
  • Estimated Time: 90-120 min.

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Overhead Electrical Utilities Training

Looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to offer Overhead Electrical Utilities training for your employees or customers? Firstly, our overhead electrical Utilities training program (available on CD, USB Drive, or via Instant Download) provides simple instructions with all the tools necessary to train and certify workers on overhead electrical Utilities hazards safety.

Secondly, years of knowledge and experience have gone into creating this training program. We've done all the research and design, so you don't have it. Further, this robust training kit makes it easier for you to train your workforce again and again. Lastly, check out a sample of the training presentation by clicking on the tab above.

Not quite what you need?  We also offer an online Overhead Electrical Utilities hazards training course. Corporate broadcast licenses are also available so you can make the training materials available on your network to branches across the country.



What's in the Overhead Electrical Utilities Training Kit?

  • Overhead Electrical Utilities Hazards Training Presentation -- it should be noted that you have complete customizability; even down to changing out the logo to your own.
  • Instructor notes -- our informative instructor notes give guidelines and talking points. Therefore, you will sound like a pro.
  • Student Manual -- a comprehensive tool you can use during the training to refer to.
  • Written Test / Answer Key -- print as many copies as you need to certify an unlimited number of students.
  • Certificate of completion template -- we provide customizable Overhead Electrical Utilities certificate templates that you can store for your records.
  • Wallet card template -- some work sites require operators to carry a wallet card. Print as many Overhead Electrical Utilities hazards wallet cards as you need.
  • Refresher training forms -- when it comes time to re-certify workers you will be ready to hold refresher certification courses.
  • Printable safety posters -- fun and informative safety posters that you can print. Our posters promote safety and are visually appealing.
  • Standards & regulations -- complete citations standards.
  • Accident examples & explanations -- we teach by example with real-world accident profiles help drive home important safety topics.
  • Video News Clips -- in addition we offer real-life news clips. These show the reality of Overhead Electrical Utilities hazards accidents.
  • Much More!


Why you need Overhead Electrical Utilities hazards training:

While a license is not required in the U.S., certification is required by OSHA. Most importantly, our training and the included exams will help you get certified fast.

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